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POND’S flawless white deep whitening facial foam with GenActiv formula


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An immediately apparent glow is sure to find its way to your face when you make this remarkable face wash part of your beauty regimen. Pond invests its years of expertise in the area of skin care in the formulation of this whitening face cleanser that will help clear away dirt and impurities for clear, white skin. If having fair, glowing skin has always been a dream of yours, waste no time in bringing home the Pond’s Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam Face Wash, for immediately noticeable results that you will love. Developed with the unique VAO-B3 complex, that helps return that lost glow to your skin, this fairness face wash not only improves complexion, but also the quality of the skin. Thanks to the conditioning effect of this face wash, that restores moisture to your parched skin; your skin will feel brighter, moisturised and happy. When applied with water, the foam face wash generates a thick lather that covers every inch of your face easily. And you only need to dispense a small amount for every wash, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the skin lightening face wash for longer. Refresh your tired skin that’s been dulled by prolonged exposure to dust, pollution and the harmful UV rays, with the Pond’s Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam Face Wash and clean away all the impurities from the surface to reveal your skin’s natural glow. Walk out with the confidence of well treated, glowing, luminous skin that’s nourished from within. The face wash it suited to all skin types.

Disclaimer: Sometimes product packaging may slightly vary with the actual product due to continuous product enhancement from the respected manufacturers.
DELIVERY CHARGE (Inside Dhaka) TK 39/-
DELIVERY CHARGE (Outside Dhaka) TK 79/-

TK 432 TK 493

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