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Dexe Black Hair Shampoo Gives You Natural Black Hair Everyday


The instant hair color shampoo from Dexe is a revolutionary natural hair dye for grey coverage within few minutes. This is used just like a normal shampoo and it takes few minutes to give a full coverage natural hair color. Black Hair Instant Hair color Shampoo is made from herbal extracts and herbal nourishing cream such as wild ginseng, wild ganoderma lucidum and so on. A combination of various fruit essence and herbal extracts, it rapidly turns your hair black safely. It clears dandruff, supplements nutrients to the roots of the hair and effectively prevents hair loss.

  • Convenient – Similar to shampoo, but to cover your gray hair or blacken them.
  • Save Time – Only one packet can give you shinny black hair in 5 minutes.
  • Save Money – Dyeing hair in the hair salon, but now the magic hair black shampoo is convient and do not in your own time and home. Saving you a ton of time and money.
  • Natural – Made with Chinese herbal extracts and French medicine extracts that give you healthy and natural looking black hair color.

,Black Hair Shampoo is as simple as hair shampoo, wear the gloves to protect the nails and then wet hair with both hands; dispense “ Black Hair Shampoo” part 1 and part 2 onto palm and mix it, use more for long hair and less for short hair (please use double dosage of shampoo for the first time), Repeatedly massage hair with it to make the “Black Hair Shampoo” attach onto the root of every hair, focus on both sidebums, massage for 7-10 minutes till foam becomes dry, then rinse off with clear water,Properly extend a few of hair conditioner onto scalp and hair is better, gently massage for 2-3 minutes

Disclaimer: Sometimes product packaging may slightly vary with the actual product due to continuous product enhancement from the respected manufacturers.
DELIVERY CHARGE (Inside Dhaka) TK 39/-
DELIVERY CHARGE (Outside Dhaka) TK 79/-

TK 350 TK 450


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